What do we do?

Adversary Village is a community which purely focuses on Adversary simulation, Adversary emulation, Threat/APT emulation, Breach and adversarial attack simulation, Supply chain security, Adversary Tactics, Life, Adversary Philosophy, urban survival skills and a bit of Purple teaming.

The goal of the Adversary Village would be, to build an open Security community for the researchers and organizations, who are putting together new means, methodologies towards the simulation and emulation of adversary tactics or adversarial actions.

As this domain matures, we anticipate active participation from organizations, as such, simulations would help immensely towards internal capacity building, from having a "live fire" training opportunity. An increasing number of researchers too are focusing on building tools and techniques, for simulation of various adversarial actions against an organization or supply chain, instead of actual full scope real-world exploitation.
With this village we hope to be enablers in community driven development, with aiming to better adversary tactics, TTPs, philosophy, skill set and mindset.


Abhijith B R / Abx

Founder and Lead organizer, DEF CON Adversary Village

Abhijith also known by the psuedonym Abx, has more than a decade of experience in the Information and Cyber Security domain.
He is the founder and Lead organizer of Adversary Village at DEF CON. Currently managing offensive security operations and Adversary simulation for a global FinTech company. Formerly the Deputy Manager - Cyber Security at Nissan Motor Corporation, previously employed with EY as a Senior security analyst.
Lead Organizer of an official DEFCON Group (https://dc0471.org/). He has recently started running (https://tacticaladversary.io/) project.

Village team

Adithya P S

Operations head, DEF CON Adversary Village

Adithya P S is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at one of the Big 4 organizations. He has 8 years of total experience in the IT industry and 5 years of experience in the Information security domain. He is a Cyber defense professional, who has worked with many security operations centre/blue team functions. He is mostly focused in cyber threat intelligence; researches on threat detection mechanisms, practical Home automation using IoT devices etc. He is the co-organizer of DEFCON Group Trivandrum which is a hacking and cyber security community(https://dc0471.org/), and operations head of Adversary Village at DEF CON. (https://adversaryvillage.org/)

Akash Joseph / OB

Communications head, DEF CON Adversary Village

Akash aka OB, acts as the communications head for Adversary Village. He is an information security management professional who spearhead the efforts of a leading cyber security startup.