What do we do?

Adversary Village is a community initiative which purely focuses on Adversary simulation, adversary emulation, threat/APT/ransomware emulation, breach and attack simulation, threat actors, adversary groups, supply chain security, adversary tactics, life, adversary philosophy, urban survival skills and purple teaming.
We have hosted the first edition of Adversary Village, as part of DEF CON Villages virtually at DEF CON 29 hacking and cyber security conference, Las Vegas.

At a diverse range of conferences, we coordinate Villages, CTF competitions, Hands-on activities, and Workshops.

As this domain matures, we anticipate active participation from organizations, as such, simulations would help immensely towards internal capacity building, from having a "live fire" training opportunity. An increasing number of researchers too are focusing on building tools and techniques, for simulation of various adversarial actions against an organization or supply chain, instead of actual full scope real-world exploitation. With this village we hope to be enablers in community driven development, with aiming to better adversary tradecraft, adversary emulation plans, TTPs, adversary philosophy, skillset and adversarial mindset.
Adversary Village organizes technical talks, workshops, live demos, Adversary Wars CTF, panel discussions and other hands-on activities on adversary simulation, emulation and purple teaming.

Our vision
What do we aim for?

The goal of the Adversary Village is to build an open Security community for the researchers and organizations, who are putting together new means, methodologies towards the simulation and emulation of adversary tactics and purple teaming.

Adversary Village Team

Abhijith B R

Abhijith B R [Abx]

Founder and village lead



Operations lead


Akash [OB]

Communications lead


Jamie Williams

Community advocate and contributor



CTF master


Sanne Maasakkers

EU lead and Community advocate



Technical lead


Ryan Beasley

Community operations


Blessen [Pentagramz]

Community advocate and contributor

Council of Generals
Adversary Overwatch

Community leaders who have been mentoring and guiding the Adversary Village Community!


Phillip Wylie

Podcast host, Offensive Security Mentor and Director of security at Alias Security.

Manu Zacharia

Manu Zacharia

President at ISRA, Founder of c0c0n International Hacking & Information Security Conference.

Adam Laurie

Adam Laurie [Major Malfunction]

Global Security Associate Partner and Lead Hardware Hacker at IBM X-Force Red. Senior member of staff at DEF CON since 1997.


Dhillon Kannabhiran [L33tdawg]

Founder and CEO of Hack In The Box (https://hitb.org), Organizer of HITB security conference series.


Aseem Jakhar

Co-founder/Director, R&D at Payatu. Founder of null-The open security community.Organizer of Nullcon and hardwear.io security conferences.