Adversary Village
BSides San Francisco 2024

City View at Metreon, San Francisco.
May 4-5, 2024.

Adversary Village at BSides San Francisco 2024!

Join us for cool hands-on activities and workshops primarily focused on Adversary simulation, Purple teaming, Adversary Tradecraft, Threat/APT/Ransomware emulation, Breach and adversary attack simulation etc.

Choose your own Adversary Adventure Game

Adversary Adventure is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure model interactive game, where everyone can participate and choose various tasks. The participants can choose to play as an attacker who performs adversarial activities against a target, a defender who deals with a potential breach, as a CISO who is managing a ransomware attack, or even as management executives going through a table-top exercise.

Adversary Simulator and Purple Teaming hands-on booth

Adversary Simulator booth has hands-on adversary emulation plans specific to a wide variety of threat-actors, these are meant to provide the participant/visitor with a better understanding of the Adversary tactics. This is a volunteer assisted activity where anyone, both management and technical folks can come-in and experience different categories of simulation, emulation and purple scenarios. Adversary Simulator booth will be having a lab environment focused on recreating enterprise infrastructure, aimed at simulation and emulating various adversaries. Visitors will be able to view, simulate and control various TTPs used by adversaries. The simulator is meant to be a learning experience, irrespective of whether one is hands-on with highly sophisticated attack tactics or from the management.

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