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Aseem Jakhar

Co-founder/Director R&D - Payatu, Nullcon,, EXPLIoT

Aseem Jakhar is the Director, research at Payatu Software Labs a boutique security testing company specializing in IoT, Embedded, cloud, mobile security testing. He is the founder of null-The open security community, registered not-for-profit organization and also the founder of nullcon security conference and security conference. He has worked on various security software including UTM appliances, messaging/security appliances, anti-spam engine, anti-virus software, bayesian engine to name a few. He currently spends his time researching on IoT security and hacking things. He is an active speaker and trainer at security conferences like AusCERT, Black Hat, Brucon, Defcon,, Hack in Paris, Hack In The Box, PHDays and many more. He has authored various open source security software including - ExplIoT - IoT Exploitation Framework - DIVA (Damn Insecure and Vulnerable App) for Android - Jugaad/Indroid - Linux Thread injection kit for x86 and ARM - Dexfuzzer - Dex file format fuzzer

Panel discussion: Resilient cyber space: The role of hacker and security communities

How do security communities help the information security industry and professionals? Why does the security industry need open security communities and forums? The relevance of such communities in standardizing Vulnerability disclosures Building frameworks and tools etc

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