Adversary Village

Atul Nair

Malware Researcher, Qualys

Atul is a Malware Researcher at Qualys. His name has been listed in Google, Microsoft,Olx, Twitter Hall of fame for finding critical security vulnerabilities. Before joining Qualys he worked as a Cybersecurity consultant at Ernst & Young. Atul has extensive experience in MITRE ATT&CK framework and Adversary emulation. He is currently researching on Android adversary emulation techniques.

Harshal Tupsamudre

Senior Threat Research Engineer, Qualys

Harshal Tupsamudre is a senior threat researcher at Qualys. He has 8 years of research experience in the areas of cryptanalysis and usable security. He has published 15+ research articles in top-tier international conferences. He has contributed techniques, threat groups and tools to MITRE ATT&CK framework. Currently, he is researching on detection methodologies for MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

Tool Demo: Tenacity- An Adversary Emulation Tool for Persistence

Persistence consists of techniques that adversaries use to maintain their foothold on systems across restarts. Techniques used for persistence include any access, action, or configuration changes that allow attackers retain access on systems. Persistence is one of the more sought-after techniques of an attacker. Every 3 techniques out of top 10 usedby Adversaries belong to Persistence. We leveraged data from MITRE ATT&CK and open source cyber threat intelligence to understand how adversary achieves persistence. We created Tenacity, a light-weight adversary emulation tool that emulates over 30+ persistence techniques using 100+ procedures employed by attackers in the wild. Using this tool the organizations and individuals can quickly validate the risk posture and exposure of their business as well as the performance of the existing security solutions.

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