Adversary Village

Daniel Isler

Senior Social Engineer Pentester, Dreamlab Technologies

Senior Social Engineer Pentester, Bachelor in Arts of Representation, Actor and Scenic Communicator. With more than 10 years of experience as an academic in Acting classes in several Universities.

Since 2015 leads Fr1endly RATs, the Social Engineering unit at Dreamlab Technologies Chile. Specializing and developing techniques and methodologies for simulations of Phishing attacks, Vishing, Pretexting, Physical Intrusions and Red Team.

Talk: How I got COVID in a RedTeam: Social engineering and physical intrusion for realistic attack simulations.

Is it correct to define as Red Team a service that only exploits vulnerabilities from a single vector without including elements typical of highly complex attacks such as social engineering and physical intrusion? By leaving out the starting point of actual attacks to create simulations of these, are we really focusing on potential threats or just particular vulnerabilities? Isn't layer eight the first layer we should consider for threats and consequently recognize vulnerabilities? Through four extremely particular and highly probable scenarios. Under a storytelling format we will immerse ourselves in a test narrated in first person, under the context of a Red Team exercise. We will understand the importance of including social engineering and physical intrusion actions for highly complex attack simulations.

Even having the best preparation, state-of-the-art devices and overwhelming information gathering. Reality will always have variants and surprises that attackers know how to take advantage of. Exposure to these variants is critical for simulation practitioners to emulate and recognize potential threats.

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