Adversary Village

Jean-Marie Bourbon

Head of CyberForce Offensive Security (COS), POST Luxembourg

Jean-Marie (kmkz) is an experimented Penetration tester and Red/Purple teamer that work as Offensive Security team leader in CyberForce department at POST Luxembourg since 2020. His favorite parts in offensive security are post-exploitation phases as well as initial accessing in realistic conditions that he considers as the most useful approach in term of security challenging human, processes, technologies and a crucial point: the (first) actions taken in case it happens in real-life. He was speaker in HiTB Red Team village “virtual edition” as well as “RootCon14” or “Swiss CyberSecurity Day” in 2020 and before during "Security Bsides, Dublin 2019”, "Nuit du Hack, Paris” in 2011 and other smaller event such as “JS Meetup Luxembourg” for example.

Now working as a manager at POST in an international context, Jean-Marie develop a “full offsec” team providing highly technical expertise through Penetration Tests but also through Adversary Simulation exercises, Red Team activities, vulnerability analysis & research or Physical intrusion and more.

Panel discussion: Adversary simulation, emulation or purple teaming - How would you define it?

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