Adversary Village

Mauricio Velazco

Principal Threat Research Engineer, Splunk

Mauricio Velazco (@mvelazco) is a Peruvian, information security professionalwith more than a decade of work experience across different roles on both offensive and defensive security. In his current role as a Principal Threat Researcher on Splunk’s Threat Research Team, Mauricio focuses on adversary simulation and threat detection. Prior to Splunk, he led the Threat Management team at a Fortune 500 organization. Mauricio has presented/hosted workshops at conferences like Defcon, BlackHat, Derbycon, BSides, SANS, etc.

Tool demo: PurpleSharp: Automated Adversary Simulation

Defending enterprise networks against attackers continues to present a difficult challenge for blue teams. Prevention has fallen short; improving detection & response capabilities has proven to be a step in the right direction. However, without the telemetry produced by adversary behavior, building new and testing existing detection capabilities will be constrained. PurpleSharp is an open source adversary simulation tool written in C# that executes adversary techniques within Windows Active Directory environments. The resulting telemetry can be leveraged to measure and improve the efficacy of a detection engineering program. PurpleSharp leverages the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and executes different techniques across the attack life cycle: execution, persistence, privilege escalation, credential access, lateral movement, etc

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