Adversary Village

Stephan Wampouille

Cyber Security Engineer (Intern), Prelude Research

Stephan is a Cyber Security Engineering intern at Prelude Research, where he uses his mechanical engineering background to construct realistic adversary profiles which are runnable within the Prelude Operator application or on their own. Stephan works on attacks which are designed to bypass detection through creative measures.

Lightning talk: Autonomous lateral movement

See autonomous lateral movement in a live environment. In this Linux-based attack, multiple benign behaviors - each designed not to be detected - are chained together to complete a lateral movement action. Using a creative approach to parsing indicators of compromise out of RAT responses and injecting them automatically into commands later down the kill chain, this lateral movement demonstration will be fully hands-off. The techniques and TTPs in this demonstration will be made open-source following the talk.

Recorded Live 📼