Adversary Village

Andy Grant

Head of Offensive Security at Zoom

Andy Grant is the Head of Offensive Security at Zoom. He has more than a decade of professional experience in offensive security, and two decades of involvement in computer security. His teams at Zoom are responsible for finding security vulnerabilities in the company and its products, which involves conducting security assessments, performing vulnerability research, and emulating and simulating adversaries. He is also the interim Head of Vulnerability Management and Bug Bounty, helping ensure the security risks his offensive teams identify are appropriately prioritized and addressed. Prior to Zoom, Andy was a Technical Vice President for NCC Group and worked on a wide variety of projects over his twelve years with the company. He performed countless application assessments across many platforms and systems. He also conducted internal and external network penetration tests, architecture and design reviews, and threat modeling exercises. He worked with small tech start-ups, small and large software development groups, and large financial institutions. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and an Advanced Computer Security Certificate, both from Stanford University.

Panel discussion: Who doesn’t like a little Spice? Emulation Maturity, Team Culture and TTPs
Adversary Panel Adversary Emulation Purple Team

What does a mature emulation team look like and how do we get there? Only in-person and not recorded, learn how our panellists have navigated growing mature red teams, proving their teams worth and navigating prima donnas along the way.