Adversary Village

Daniel Isler

Sr. Social Engineer at Dreamlab Technologies

Social Engineering Consultant Bachelor in Arts of Representation. With certifications in Social Engineering, Red Team & OSINT. Team Leader of Fr1endly RATs, the Social Engineering unit at Dreamlab Technologies Chile. Specializing and developing techniques and methodologies for simulations of Phishing attacks, Vishing, Pretexting, Physical Intrusions and Red Team.

Talk: Drag us to Wonder Bad: a tale of how to be good people by capturing credentials and 2FA.
Adversary Story

The forms of authentication and data protection are becoming more and more robust, but the users remain the same. How to breach all those controls to capture credentials and the 2FA of one of the most used email clients in the world? The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how anyone without any advanced programming knowledge could easily do it. How? Social Engineering. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland a particular White RatBit will explain it.