Adversary Village

Jean-Michel Amblat

Security engineering at Finance sector

Jean-Michel Amblat (“JM”) has been working in the security industry for 20 years, spending most of his career in the Tech industry before switching recently to the Financial Services sector. With passion for building and running tailored security & privacy engineering programs, he lately enjoys spending more time on security assessments of new software and services with a focus on misuse/abuse, data exfiltration and insider threat mitigation.

Lightning talk: Exotic data exfiltration
Lightning Talk

In this talk we will explore 3 different ideas that could be used for data exfiltration after successful compromise. These techniques, while simple, are quite different from the traditional DNS, SMB, HTTP(S), SMTP abuse cases that have been covered deeply and described in the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Source code for each proof of concept code will be made available after the talk.