Adversary Village

Joe Vest

Author of Red Team Development and Operations | Former Tech Director of Cobalt Strike

Driven by his curiosity, perseverance, and passion for technology, Joe Vest's mantra for his work and teaching is: "The journey of gaining experience can be as valuable as the end result." Joe has over 20 years of experience in technology with a focus on red teaming, penetration testing, and application security. Joe is currently a Principal Security Engineer at AWS. Prior experience includes the Cobalt Strike Technical Director at HelpSystems, a security consulting company entrepreneur and owner, and a former director at SpecterOps. This diverse experience has given him extensive knowledge of cyber threats, tools, and tactics, including threat emulation and threat detection. Notable career accomplishments include authoring the book "Red Team Development and Operations" and authoring the original SANS 564 red team course.
When Joe is not working, you can find him enjoying life in the sun on the coast of Florida.

Panel discussion: Assessing Cyber Security ROI: Adversary simulation and Purple teaming
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