Adversary Village

Tim MalcomVetter

Chief Technology Officer at Cyderes

Tim MalcomVetter (@malcomvetter) started using, building, and breaking computers in the 1980s as a kid, and I started getting paid for it in 2000. Along the way, he has:

  • * architected enterprise security solutions
  • * led e-commerce dev teams
  • * consulted Fortune 500s
  • * hacked mainframe sockets to web APIs, fuel pumps to mobile apps
  • * built the Red Team program at the world’s largest company
  • * and made plenty of mistakes.

Currently, Tim is the CTO @ Cyderes, the merged cybersecurity powerhouse of Fishtech Group and Herjavec Group, leading the talented engineers who build all of our tech stacks for our managed security services businesses. Tim also earned several degrees, certifications, held a PhD research fellowship, presented at many conferences, and contributed open source software.

Keynote talk: How to be the Best Adversary Simulator
Adversary Guru Keynote

Tim MalcomVetterwill be doing the keynote talk at Adversary Village this year!