Adversary Village at
HackSpaceCon 2024

Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
April 10-13, 2024.

We have a ton of hands-on activities planned for the HackSpaceCon participants!

Adversary Village will be there at HackSpaceCon this year with a ton of hands-on activities and deep technical hands-on workshops!

Hands-on short technical workshops

Adversary Village will feature a limited number of focused, short deep technical workshops focused on advanced adversary tradecraft and techniques. Presented by global the community of #adversarysimulation #purpleteaming #offensivesecurity #adversarytactics #threatactors researchers and enthusiasts!

Choose your own Adversary Adventure Game

Adversary adventure is a story-scenario based, interactive, choose-your-own adventure model interactive game. This is a gamified version of table-top exercises which is presented to the participants as they can choose to play as an attacker, post exploitation OR a Defender who is defending against an attacker group-threat actor OR even play as a CISO who is dealing with an adversarial situation such as a ransomware incident.

Adversary simulator hands-on booth

Adversary Simulator booth is a volunteer assisted activity, which has hands-on adversary emulation plans and exercises specific to a wide variety of threat-actors including ransomware; these are meant to provide the participants with a better understanding of adversarial attack emulation and purple teaming. The booth will be hosting a simulated environment meant to recreate enterprise infrastructure, operational technology environment, which serves targets for various attack simulations.

Join Adversary Villge Discord Server.

Join Adversary Village official Discord server to connect with our amazing community of adversary simulation experts and offensive security researchers!