Adversary Village
The Diana Initiative 2024

The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa.
August 5, 2024.

Adversary Village at The Diana Initiative 2024

Join us for cool hands-on activities and table-top games primarily focused on offensive cyber security, Adversary simulation, Purple teaming, Adversary Tradecraft, Threat/APT/Ransomware emulation, Breach and adversarial attack simulation etc.

Choose-your-own-Adversary-Adventure Tabletop Game

Adversary Village area | August 5, 2024 [Monday] | 09:00 to 17:00

Adversary Adventure is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure model interactive game, where everyone can participate and choose various tasks. The participants can choose to play as an attacker who performs adversarial activities against a target, a defender who deals with a potential breach, as a CISO who is managing a ransomware attack, or even as management executives going through a table-top exercise.

The Diana Initiative Is:

A diversity-driven conference committed to helping all underrepresented people in Information Security. The Diana Initiative features multiple speaker tracks, capture-the-flag competitions, villages with hands-on activities, and workshops.

This year our theme is “Lift While You Climb.”

Hands-on and Guided Breach Simulation exercises

Adversary Village area | August 5, 2024 [Monday] | 09:00 to 17:00

This area will feature guided breach simulation exercises for participants to engage with. There will be two activities, "Breach-the-Hospital" and "Breach-the-Office," based on two LEGO sets. A simulated cyber range will be available for each scenario, providing an exact replica of an enterprise production environment. We will provide a detailed walkthrough of the attack scenarios, including Tools-Techniques-and-Procedures (TTPs) commands and how-to guides, demonstrating how to atatck and breach the hospital's infrastructure or the office environment. This exercise will give participants a clear understanding of how adversaries infiltrate corporate environments.

Adversary Village at
The Diana Initiative 2024


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