c0c0n 2021
Adversary Village

Akib Sayyed

Founder, Matrix Shell

Akib, working in telecom security field since last 9 years. He is the founder of Matrix Shell, a telecom security consulting company, Presented in information security conferences such as NullCon 2012, 2015, C0c0n 2014,Nullcon 2017, Nullcon 2021. He loves to discover new attacks in telecom network. As telecom security enthusiast he has built some proprietary tools for telecom network security assessment.

Light Basin: Telecom roaming network attack case study

This talk will be discussing Light Basin activity cluster which is consistently targeting telecom networks. This talk will be based on research done by Crowd Strike Team. The talk will explain how a team of threat actors targeted telecom network and how did lateral movement using GTP protocols.