c0c0n 2021
Adversary Village

Joseph Mlodzianowski

Author, Trainer and Founder of Texas Cyber Summit

Joseph Mlodzianowski is an information security aficionado and adventurer; he started multiple villages at RSA Conference, DEFCON, and BLACK HAT, among others, including founding the Red Team Village with the help of great friends. He has been in the information technology security field for more than 25 years working in infrastructure, security, networks, systems, design, offense, and defense. Joseph is currently an enterprise security architect of Cisco Managed Services. He spent more than 10 years in the Department of Defense as an operator, principal security network engineer, and SME designing and deploying complex technologies and supporting missions around the world in multiple theaters. He has consulted, investigated, and provided support for multiple federal agencies over the past 15 years.

Joseph continues to contribute to content, reviews, and editing in the certification testing and curriculum process. He spent almost 15 years in the energy sector supporting refineries, pipelines, and chemical plants; specializing in industrial control networks; and building data centers.

Joseph holds a broad range of certifications, including the Cisco CCIE, CNE, CSNA, CNSS-4012, CISSP, ITILv4, NSA IAM, NSA IEM, OIAC1180, FEMA IS-00317, ACMA, First Responder, Hazmat Certified, Member of Bexar County Sheriff's Office CERT, MCSE, and Certified Hacking Investigator. He also is a founding contributor to the CyManII | Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute, a member of Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3aawg.org), and founder of the Texas Cyber Summit and Grayhat Conferences. He believes in giving back to the community and supporting nonprofits.

Village keynote

Adversary Village at c0c0n 2021 Keynote