Texas Cyber Summit IV
Adversary Village

Luis Ángel Ramírez Mendoza

Cyber Security Architect, DC5411

Luis Ángel Ramírez Mendoza (@larm182luis) is a colombian electronic engineer, hacker and speaker. He spoke at DragonJAR Colombia (Biggest hacking spanish speaking conference in LATAM), DEF CON Las Vegas, GrayHat USA and P0SCon Iran. Thanks!

Talk: Everything is a C2 if you're brave enough (Chapter II)

It is truly amazing how many and diverse methods an attacker has to "call home", exfiltrate information, or coordinate the next steps in his chain of attack. In this talk we will demonstrate (and automate) the most wacky, unexpected, and interesting methods for setting up a C2 server: Messaging apps? social media profiles? video games or gaming platforms? Yes, and there's more.
The more sacred and innocent an app appears to be, the higher the score for us when weaponizing it. We will explain from scratch the function, the construction and even the automation with Ruby of C2 servers based on a wide range of applications of common and daily use. For this we will use a fake toy ransomware, which will try to call home, exfiltrate information and coordinate an attack in the most crazy, bizarre and above all ... unexpected ways.

Lots of short demos make this talk suitable to both newcomers and experienced people. This is the SECOND chapter, containing all new C2 examples not released before.

Recorded Live 📼