Texas Cyber Summit IV
Adversary Village

Phillip Wylie

Offensive Cybersecurity Practitioner & Educator, The PWN School Project, U.S Bank

Phillip Wylie is an offensive cybersecurity professional and instructor. Phillip is a coauthor of the book, “The Pentester Blueprint: Started his Career as an Ethical Hacker”. Phillip has over 24 years of experience with the last 9 plus years spent in offensive cybersecurity.
Phillip has a passion for mentoring and education. His passion motivated him to start teaching and founding The Pwn School Project a monthly educational meetup focusing on cybersecurity. Phillip holds the following certifications; CISSP, NSA-IAM, OSCP, GWAPT.

Talk: The Way of The Adversary

The adversary philosophy and mindset are important when trying to emulate a threat actor during a red team operation or offensive cybersecurity assessment or trying to understand them as a defender. In this talk, we will take a look at the philosophy and mindset of an adversary as well as what motivates them.

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