Adversary Wars CTF 1.0
Adversary Village at DEF CON 29

Adversary Village will be hosting a small scale CTF named "Adversary Wars", where the participants will have to pose as adversaries, and simulate adversarial actions against each element of the dummy target organization.

Refer adv-ctf channel in DEF CON Official Discord server for CTF registration information!

CTF Winners of Adversary Wars CTF - Adversary Village at DEF CON Hacking conference this year!

First place: @scriptmonkey_
Second place: @miltinh0c
Third place: @its0x11

CTF winner prizes:
Red Team Ops vouchers from @_RastaMouse ZeroPointSecurity Ltd., NotSoSecure training vouchers, MITRE Engenuity MAD Subscriptions and Adversary Village goodie bags.