Call For Papers - Open
Adversary Village

DC29 CFP review board

The "Adversary Village" is a community torqued combat readiness platform purely focused on Adversary simulation, Adversary emulation tactics, Simulation CTFs, Supply chain security attack tactics, Adversary Tactics, Philosophy, urban survival skills and Purple teaming. We plan to have a village at DEF CON 29 specific to adversarial attack simulation on a network or Supply chain that is meant to replicate an enterprise network, with real world scenarios.

We hope to be enablers in community driven development, aiming to better Adversary Philosophy, skill set and mindset.
Please submit your awesome research to Adversary Village at various conferences this year!

Presentation categories

  • Talks (30 to 45 minutes - Detailed research talks)
  • Workshops (1 to 2 hours - Hands On or Instructor Led trainings for free)
  • New tool demos - Adversary simulation/emulation tools only (15 to 30 minutes)
  • Lightning Talks (10 to 15 mins talk to cover quick, short-hand adversary techniques)

What kind of talks/topics do we want?

Note: We only accept submissions strictly focused on below mentioned topics. If you have talks outside the mentioned topics, please refer other DEF CON Village CFPs.

  • Adversary Simulation
  • Adversary Emulation
  • Latest Adversary Tactics
  • Attack Simulation Automation
  • New Tools, Techniques and Procedures for Simulation or Emulation
  • Purple Team tactics
  • Breach and attack Simulation/Emulation
  • Simulation Plans, Platform and Infrastructure
  • APT Emulation Techniques
  • Urban Survival Tactics
  • Adversary Philosophy and Stories

c0c0n 2021 (Virtual Village) CFP closed

Call for papers timeline

  • CFP Open: 10th October, 2021
  • CFP closes on: 1st November, 2021

Texas Cyber Conference timeline (Virtual Village)

Texas Cyber Summit (Virtual Village) CFP Closed

Call for papers timeline

  • CFP Open: 20th September, 2021
  • CFP closes on: 2nd October, 2021

Texas Cyber Conference timeline (Virtual Village)