We need volunteers!

The "Adversary Village" is a community torqued combat readiness platform purely focuses on Adversary simulation, Adversary emulation tactics, Simulation CTFs, Supply chain security attack tactics, Adversary Tactics, Philosophy and urban survival skills. We plan to have a village at DEF CON 29 specific to adversarial attack simulation on a network or Supply chain that is meant to replicate an enterprise network, with real world scenarios. We hope to be enablers in community driven development, with aiming to better Adversary Philosophy, skill set and mindset.

Adversary Village is always looking for people who can help us to build this community! You dont need to be highly skilled in Adversary simulation or emulation tactics. You just need to have a hacker mindset, helping mentality and ability to show up when its required.

There will be opportunities for you to learn a ton, meet Adversaries and Security gurus! If you are willing to contribute, please feel free to submit the form!