Adversary Guru
Live-streaming series

#adversaryguru live-streaming series on Adversary Simulation, Purple Teaming and Adversary Tradecraft.

Adversary Guru Series #7

Filipi Pires

Security Researcher and Cybersecurity Advocate at senhasegura

Livestream topic: Using Malicious PDF as an Attack Weapon
17:00 WET [GMT+0] | 31ST JAN 2024

Adversary Guru Series #6

Mia Sanchez

Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at MITRE

Live-stream topic: CTI Blueprints - Creating Actionable Reports
11:00 AM CST | 15TH DEC 2023

Adversary Guru Series #5

Samuel Rossier

Security Analyst Lead at Palo Alto Networks

Livestream topic: Cancel your pentest and Purple this instead!
22:00 GST | 12TH DEC 2023

Adversary Guru Series #4

Cas Van Cooten

Red Team Lead at ABN AMRO Bank

Livestream topic: Nim for adversarial operations: Getting Hands-On with NimPlant C2
17:00 CET | 9TH MAR 2023

Adversary Guru Series #3

David Hunt

Chief Technology Officer at Prelude Security

Livestream topic: An Introduction to Continuous Security Testing!
14:00 EST | 28TH FEB 2023

Adversary Guru Series #2

Carsten Boeving (Re4son)

Research and development at Offensive Security

Dr. Malcolm Shore

Content Developer at Offensive Security

Livestream topic: An introduction to offensive security SOC-200 and Threat Hunting with Kali Purple
22:30 EST | 16TH FEB 2023 OR 14:30 AEDT | 17TH FEB 2023

Adversary Guru Series #1

Scott Small

Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Tidal Cyber

Livestream topic: Stealer, No Stealing! A Practical Guide to Building (and Testing) Detections with Adversary Intelligence
10:30 AM EST | 17TH JAN 2023

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