Live Streaming Series #2

Carsten Boeving (Re4son)

Research and development at Offensive Security

Dr. Malcolm Shore

Content Developer at Offensive Security

Live stream topic: An introduction to offensive security SOC-200 and Threat Hunting with Kali Purple
22:30 PM EST | 16TH FEB 2023 OR 14:30 AEDT | 17TH FEB 2023

Carsten Boeving (Re4son)

Carsten Boeving is a Kali Linux developer and a veteran in cyber security with over 30 years in the industry. Carsten has a background in electronic engineering but quickly discovered his passion for security after finding out that making a robot dance salsa by exploiting a vulnerability is much more entertaining than getting it to assemble car parts.

Carsten has spent half his career in security operations, the other half as CISO in public and private sector organizations, and is the holder of OSCE, OSCP, CISSP, CCSP, CISM, CRISC, CDPSE, ISO/IEC 27001 LA, MCSE, ZTX.
As a Kali Linux developer, Carsten is the maintainer of NetHunter, NetHunter Pro, Kali-Pi Kernel, Win-KeX, Kali Unkaputtbar, etc. and is currently working with Kiwi on Kali-Purple - The ultimate SOC in the box.

Dr. Malcolm Shore

Dr. Malcolm Shore is British by birth – a Yorkshireman - and Kiwi by nature. He has had a varied career covering government and industry, with the opportunity for adjunct spells in academia both teaching and supervising research. He held a commission in the New Zealand Air Force retiring as a Squadron Leader, and subsequently New Zealand’s national information security program as Director Infosec at GCSB. He has held CSO roles in the telecommunications sector in both Australia and New Zealand, and was Technical Director for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (Australia).

At a technical level, Malcolm has a background in programming in languages such as Fortran, Cobol, Algol68, C, Pascal, and Python. He has worked in machine code and assembly code on Atmel and ARM chips. In addition to running corporate security teams, he has managed technical teams doing penetration testing, reverse engineering, and Common Criteria evaluation

Malcolm was instrumental in the development of the Australian Certificate IV in Cybersecurity, and developed and taught in the Canterbury University, NZ post graduate diploma in security and forensics. He has held adjunct positions in Australia at the University of NSW and is currently Adjunct Professor at Deakin University’s Centre for Cybersecurity Research and Innovation. Malcolm is a prolific author of Linkedin Learning cybersecurity courses and is currently a developer for Offensive Security focusing mainly on building out the OSDA Certification courseware and labs.

Live-stream title: An introduction to SOC-200 and Threat Hunting with Kali Purple
Kali Purple Adversary Simulation Offensive Security

Kali Linux, and Backtrack before it, made offensive security accessible. Everyone with a computer and internet access could download Kali Linux and a VM from Vulnhub to practice their skills, then land a job as a Pentester and work their way up.

People interested in the defensive side of security have it much harder, how do you answer an interview question such as: What is your experience with a $500k SIEM, or: have you ever chased an APT through a network? Kali Purple will bring justice to experienced and aspiring blue teamers. It will make enterprise grade defences accessible and provide training and collaboration spaces for blue, red, and purple teams.

We will demonstrate how Kali Purple is utilized by Offensive Security to offer the SOC-200 course, how red teamers can use Kali Purple to become stealthier, and we will showcase how Kali Purple slices through PCAPs as if they were butter.

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