Live-streaming series #3

David Hunt

Chief Technology Officer at Prelude Security

Livestream topic: An Introduction to Continuous Security Testing!
JOIN US ON 28TH FEB 2023 AT 14:00 EST

David Hunt

David leads the engineering effort at Prelude as Chief Technology Officer. Before Prelude, he led the team that built MITRE CALDERA. He has spent his career analyzing security across countless industries, including enterprise, aerospace, and OT.

Live-stream title: An Introduction to Continuous Security Testing
Continuous Security Testing Adversary Simulation Breach and Attack Simulation

First, there was automated penetration testing. Then came automated purple teaming. Both of these types of engagements are capable of making a big impact on the security posture of an organization. However, neither of them has been able to crack the threshold of automation and scale because they lack the required process, structure, and technology.
Continuous security testing is a new model for validating the efficacy of defensive technology at scale and in production environments, even as they evolve. The resulting intelligence that comes back from continuous security testing helps organizations know whether they are protected - and if not - should they care.

Attendees that join this session will learn about:
Why Verified Security Tests (VSTs), and not TTPs, are the most preferred format for security testing at scale
Using probes to continuously ask questions of even the most far-reaching attack surface
Scaling a continuous security testing program that ensures your defenses are constantly improving

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