Live-streaming series #7

Filipi Pires

Security Researcher and Cybersecurity Advocate at senhasegura

Livestream topic: Using Malicious PDF as an Attack Weapon
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Filipi Pires

Filip has been working as Security and Threat Researcher and Cybersecurity Advocate at senhasegura, Founder at Black&White Technology, Cybersecurity Advocate, Snyk Ambassador, Application Security Specialist and Hacking is NOT a crime Advocate. International Speaker at Security and New technologies events in many countries such as US, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, and others, He have served as University Professor in Graduation and MBA courses at Brazilian colleges, in addition, He is a Creator and Instructor of the Course - Malware Attack Types with Kill Chain Methodology (PentestMagazine), PowerShell and Windows for Red Teamers(PentestMagazine) and Malware Analysis - Fundamentals (HackerSec).

Using Malicious PDF as an Attack Weapon
Adversary Tradecraft Adversary Simulation Adversary Tactics Offensive Security

Delve into a comprehensive security analysis, independent of vulnerabilities, as we unveil the risks associated with language-based malware within PDFs. Gain insights into the binary structures of PDFs, from headers to trailers, and decipher techniques like obfuscation and JavaScript encodings.
Learn to identify and understand malicious actions, discover where malicious code can be embedded, and unravel the methods for finding Command and Control (C&C) in binary structures. This session provides essential knowledge for researchers, covering file structures, software architecture, and programming languages.

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