Live-streaming series #5

Samuel Rossier

Security Analyst Lead at Palo Alto Networks

Livestream topic: Cancel your pentest and Purple this instead!
JOIN US ON 12TH DEC 2023 AT 22:00 GST [UTC+4]

Samuel Rossier

Samuel is a seasoned security analyst specializing on detection engineering, incident response and digital forensics. With a deep passion for CTI, he advocates for Purple Teaming as a great approach for enhancing security postures. He previously worked in a MSSP SOC as well as in CSIRT in the finance sector.
He is also a co-author of the book 'Purple Team Strategies' published by Packt. The book, Purple Team Strategies can be purchased from Packt:

Cancel your pentest and Purple this instead!
Purple Teaming Adversary Simulation Detection Engineering

Unpack the labyrinth of terms like Purple Teaming, Breach Attack Simulation, Adversary Emulation and Simulation, Continuous Security Testing, in our webinar. We will go through all those concepts in order to demystify them and explore the different "purple" strategies available for fortifying our cyber defenses. We are going to dive into resources that you can leverage tomorrow at work, even without high-budget gadgets. At the end, I am going to share and walk through a ready-to-go tool that you can leverage for your first Purple Teaming exercise.
So, beside the catchy title, this webinar aims to lower the barrier to entry and to empower organizations preparing themselves against real-world cyber threats.

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