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Daniel Isler

Awareness & Social Engineering Consultant - Team Leader - Dreamlab Technologies

Bachelor in Arts of Representation. With certifications in Social Engineering, Red Team & OSINT. Team Leader of Fr1endly RATs, the Social Engineering unit at Dreamlab Technologies Chile.
Specializing and developing techniques and methodologies for simulations of Phishing attacks, Vishing, Pretexting, Physical Intrusions and Red Team.

Technical talk: Master Splinter’s initial physical access dojo: Storytelling of a complex adversarial attack

| Aug 9th 2024 | DEF CON Creator Stage 3 | Las Vegas Convention Center.
Story Telling
Adversary Philosophy

Storytelling of a highly complex RedTeam with multiple initial accesses only with Social Engineering. could anyone do it? Yes.

Under the format of Storytelling this presentation aims to take attendees first person through a RedTeam service with multiple initial accesses with 100% Social Engineering. How to present critical vulnerabilities in a public way without exposing the target company? This live comic will show us how, through one of its protagonists and with practical examples made with the attendees themselves. How does a professional Social Engineering unit work? What are the roles and tasks? How to emulate the reach of a cybercriminal gang in less than three weeks? This dojo aims to show the methodologies and techniques applied in the field to obtain relevant findings, even reaching critical infrastructure without raising alerts and in an extremely limited time. From the first meeting with the client, information gathering, vector selection, exploitation, pretexting to the physical intrusion, even reaching the datacenter. We will demonstrate how luck is no longer an element to consider when your work is SE from Monday to Friday and you have to perform this type of service every month.

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