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Gregory Carpenter, DrPH

CSO of KnowledgeBridge International

Gregory Carpenter is the CSO of KnowledgeBridge International, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, and the National Security Agency’s Operations Officer of the Year. He serves on the Board of Directors for ATNA Systems, is a Senior Advisor for ARIC, Inc., and is a Special Operations Medical Association and Military Cyber Professionals Association member. He is a former member of the Board of Advisors for EC-Council University and the International Board of Advisors for the Mackenzie Institute.

He has held various senior military and civilian positions, including COO, VP for Cyber Operations, Chief of Security Testing, Counterintelligence Division Chief, Chief of Special Space Operations, and Functional Team Lead for Electronic Warfare. He has been an epidemiological primary investigator. Gregory is a retired army officer of 27 years, he holds a Doctorate in Public Health. He is a Certified Information Security Manager, Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt, and ISO-9000 lead auditor.

Talk: Tough Adversary? Don’t Blame Sun Tzu

| Aug 10th 2024 | DEF CON Creator Stage 3 | Las Vegas Convention Center.
Adversary Philosophy

Years ago, when I started working at the NSA, I said to myself, now I can see what’s really happening and what needs to be done to address our adversaries and put an end to cybercrime. Well, I was sure wrong. I worked in a few different offices and participated in hundreds of operations, only to find frustration time and time again. What happened? What was it that we just couldn’t put our finger on? Yes, we were successful in addressing criminal activity. Yes, we could successfully negotiate the contested cyberspace domain. But adversarial activity kept popping up on our radar. It was Whack-A-Mole 2.0.
Was it the technologies we used? No, we had state-of-the-art capabilities. Was there a lack of technical training amongst operators? No, again, taxpayers coughed up plenty, and they got their money’s worth. I concluded that it was strategy; it was philosophy. Sure, we had all the technical capabilities in the world, but we were using everything wrong.
I was in the Information Warfare Support Center. We were supposed to know what to do and how to do it! So, I started studying not only traditional but contemporary philosophy as well. I gained access to curricula in China, Russia, and the USA. This presentation informs the attendees of the adversarial philosophy taught in the military academies in China and Russia, which is taken from their curricula and papers published in various journals and practice today.

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