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Ken Kato

VP at Omni Federal, Kindo.AI, AI thought leader

Breaking up bureaucracy since 2008, Ken Kato is a leader in large-scale digital transformation for highly regulated industries. It’s his belief that success comes from changing how teams work with each other toward a common goal. Whether it’s an austere data center with bare-metal servers, global-scale cloud deployments, or terrestrial networking in the far reaches of space, it always comes back to the people.

Ken’s recent accomplishments include: being a founding member of USAF Kessel Run, the first federal software factory; building Black Pearl, the Navy’s premiere DevSecOeps platform; and working with the White House to secure and scale critical cyber-infrastructure. But technology alone can’t solve complex problems. With this in mind, Ken balances his years of experience with industry data to develop sustainable strategies for organizational growth and predict how decisions made today will be survivable in the years ahead.

Panel discussion: Formidable Adversaries: Responding to Breaches, Ransomware, and State-Sponsored Threat Actors

| Aug 9th 2024 | DEF CON Creator Stage 3 | Las Vegas Convention Center.
Adversary Guru Panel
State sponsored threat-actors

For the past few years, we have had multiple instances of sophisticated cyber attacks ranging from ransomware attacks to attacks propagated by state sponsored threat actors; targeting elections, organizations, critical infrastructure etc. Organizations have had to step up and compensate with additional security controls and resources. We are living in a phase where even the most secure organizations are not immune to targeted cyber threats, the landscape of cyber security is in the state of constant evolution, with everybody playing to catch up.
This panel has been structured to delve into the complex and evolving nature of cyber adversaries. Beginning with an overview of recent cyber-attacks, breaches, and targeted ransomware incidents. We will also examine the rising wave of state sponsored threat actors, while focusing on their sophisticated adversary tactics, techniques and procedures.
This panel will focus on why organizations with even the most advanced cyber defense tooling and more than capable resources are still affected by breaches and threat actors. Our panel of experts will discuss the reasons behind these incidents and provide Insights into effective response and contentment strategies. Conversation will explore the critical components of how efficiently respond to threats, contain, and remediate them.
Additionally, the panel will also touch upon how threat intel assisted adversarial attack simulation, offensive cyber security operations could be used as proactive measures in enhancing an organization’s defense posture, offering valuable insights into the mindset and methodologies of potential attackers.

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