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Leo Tsaousis

Senior Security Consultant

Leo is a Senior Security Consultant at WithSecure where he leads the Attack Path Mapping service. His current role involves planning and conducting collaborative offensive security assessments for large organisations, while building the team globally and pushing the boundaries of threat simulation.
After a brief stint on the defensive side, he returned to consulting with a mission to help SOC teams of all sizes develop their detective capability. To this end, he has been designing and leading purple team exercises for WithSecure’s clients.

His passion for technical research has occasionally led to the discovery of vulnerabilities in products which were assigned CVE IDs and presented at security conferences like ROOTCON and BSides. In his free time, Leo volunteers his skills and experience to help NGOs across the world address their cyber security needs.

Technical talk: Kubernetes Attack Simulation: The Definitive Guide

| Aug 11th 2024 | DEF CON Creator Stage 3 | Las Vegas Convention Center.
Purple Team Attack Simulation

So your organisation decided to follow the trend and switched to Kubernetes for hosting their applications. And this means that the mission for the SOC, has now changed from monitoring servers and networks, to building detective capability for a container orchestration platform. Where do you even start with for Kubernetes TTPs? What attack signatures should you alert upon, and what logs are there to look for in first place?

A similar challenge arises for the offensive security practitioner: What strategies exist for performing continuous Kubernetes threat emulation?

Infrastructure technologies have changed rapidly, and adversaries have adapted. Despite the novelty of attack surface, insider threats still remain relevant and prevention alone is not enough to manage the risk posed to the modern enterprise.
This talk will explain the benefits of investing in a proactive approach to the security of your Kubernetes clusters through collaborative purple teams, and will provide a comprehensive guide for doing so – as informed by our latest research and experience in running attack simulations against large enterprises. Attendees will get up to speed with Kubernetes security monitoring concepts and will take away key advice for planning and executing successful attack detection exercises against containerised environments.

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