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Mark Foudy

Founder of NeurodiverseHackers.com

I am a cybersecurity professional and researcher with a robust academic background in computer science and cybersecurity from graduate school. As the head of the Hack the Box Boston Meetup and DEFCON 508, I lead efforts to cultivate a strong community of cybersecurity enthusiasts in Massachusetts. In addition to my community leadership roles, I founded and currently manage NeurodiverseHackers.com. This platform is dedicated to supporting cybersecurity practitioners in navigating their careers while managing neurodiversity and mental health challenges. Neurodiverse Hackers emphasizes inclusivity and resilience in the fast-evolving security landscape.

Technical talk: Exploiting Voice Cloning in Adversarial Simulation

| Aug 11th 2024 | DEF CON Creator Stage 3 | Las Vegas Convention Center.
Adversary Tactics

We live in an era where voice verification is increasingly adopted in security protocols. The potential for abuse through voice cloning technology presents a significant and growing threat to cybersecurity. This talk dives into the alarming capabilities of deep learning to create highly convincing voice clones. Using my own voice as a case study, I will demonstrate a recorded simulation where the cloned voice successfully bypasses several major institutions’ voice verification systems.

This presentation will outline the tools and techniques leveraged for voice cloning, discuss the pressing risks involved, and explore strategic countermeasures for red teams. The aim is to equip offensive security researchers with a nuanced understanding of voice cloning technology, emphasizing its implications for threat emulation and defensive strategy formulation. Attendees will gain insight into adversary tactics using publicly available voice samples for simulating voice-based attacks, providing a clear perspective on preparing defenses against such AI-driven threats.

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