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Mauro Eldritch

Bitso Quetzal Team Leader

Mauro Eldritch is an Argentine hacker, founder of Birmingham Cyber Arms LTD and DC5411 (Argentina / Uruguay). He has spoken at various events, including DEF CON (10 times). He is passionate about Threat Intelligence and Biohacking.

Technical talk: MFT: Malicious Fungible Tokens

| Aug 9th 2024 | DEF CON Creator Stage 3 | Las Vegas Convention Center.
Adversary Tactics

In this technical talk, we will uncover a new aspect of NFTs: using them as attack vectors to relay C2 commands. Fingerprinting a system? Exfiltrating information? Encrypting and wiping data? Executing arbitrary commands? Of course! But with a dark twist: deployed NFTs are blockchain-backed assets immune to takedowns. Imagine having your own “immortal” C2 Server for less than $10 dollars in $ETH.

For this, we will introduce “mFT” an open-source tool that automates the creation of malicious payloads and provide sample harmless NFTs, allowing attendees to explore this novel attack vector on their own machines safely.

This talk is the spiritual successor of "Everything is a C2 if you're brave enough", previously presented at this very same village.

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