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Melvin Langvik

Team Lead Offensive Security at Kovert

Melvin Langvik is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in technology. He started his career as a developer and integration consultant, where he gained practical experience in developing and distributing critical backend infrastructure for an international customer base.
Melvin's passion for cybersecurity later led him to transition into offensive security. He previously worked for TrustedSec, an internationally recognized security company. Melvin was a part of TrustedSec's targeted operations team, tasked with performing targeted cyber attacks against some of the most mature and often largest companies in the world. Today, Melvin is the Offensive Security Team Lead at Kovert AS.

Technical talk: Evading Modern Defenses When Phishing with Pixels

| Aug 10th 2024 | DEF CON Creator Stage 3 | Las Vegas Convention Center.
Adversarial tradecraft

Dive into the art of phishing with QR codes! We'll cover the fundamentals of QR code phishing, revealing how these innocuous-looking images are used to deceive users into a false sense of legitimacy. After touching upon the basics, we'll explore creative tactics for obfuscating and hiding QR codes to ensure they reach their intended targets. As a sidetrack, we'll delve into how emails are rendered within the Outlook Mail Application and showcase some neat tricks that exploit its limitations for hiding QR codes from modern defensive solutions. Overall, the talk is intended to help testers up their QR code phishing game!

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